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  • Friday, February 5, 2010

    The Ox is taking people to the Swamp

    A quick search for SEUS + Rob Teilhet brings up his record of employment listed under his thousands in donations for John Edwards for President.

    Another quick search for SEUS + Rep. Westmoreland brings up his record with this fradulent insurance company has an advisor who was paid $1500 per meeting.

    The OX has said this will be a criminal investigation and I think it shows statemanship that he is going investigate both these individuals regardless of political party.

    This Frog has Legs

    I am new to the political blog scene; but it seems weird that no one is talking about Rob Teilhet and his work for SEUS. This is a criminal investigation!

    Georgia Politics Unfiltered posted this story demanding answers and I second that motion. I don't want to make enemies so early in blog career, but this is what blogs are for - to report the truth when mainstream media doesn' do its job.

    Tuesday, February 2, 2010

    Governor Candidates Jumping Everywhere

    You can listen to the Democratic Candidates' Governor debate here

    There are discussions regarding gun rights, water and ethics reform. Pretty solid debating - each candidate is strong and that is surprising for the Democrats lately.

    Leap Jump Right In

    Good Evening Georgia Voters! It is 2010 and the dirt has already started.

    I am joining the blog world just in time for some heated Governor races, a lacking Senate campaign and some even more boring down ballot races.

    As an observer and someone who doesn't pick political parties, but instead tries to pick the man, everyone should expect me to try my best to be fair and balanced. Try not to attack me for doing so!

    I don't want anyone to buy ad space. I want to be completely clear of all that mess. Everyone ready to jump in with me?